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Lionfish map app

The Report Florida Lionfish app is now more interactive than ever. Not only can you continue reporting your lionfish sightings and catches, your reports and photographs are documented on an interactive map. The map includes your important data such as where you found your catch, the date caught, how many you saw or removed and what type of gear you used. You can use this map to help determine where lionfish are being spotted and what reefs have recently been cleaned. There is even a “show reef” option that maps all of Florida’s artificial reefs and provides the location and depth at which each reef can be found.


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You can also share your submission on Face book or Twitter. Use #FWCLionfish to make sure we see it as well.

Download the app today at the Apple Store here or Google Play here. You can also report your lionfish catch on the FWC website here.

Don’t forget the most important information, the latitude and longitude where you caught your lionfish and the date caught. We can’t add your data to this new map without it.

Lionfish are a nonnative species that have a negative impact on Florida’s native wildlife and habitat. The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) encourages you to remove lionfish from Florida waters whenever you can.

The FWC shares all data with the U.S. Geological Survey, which has been collecting similar data for years.

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