Revolutionary Towing Monitor System


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Tattle-Trail is a wireless towing monitor system designed to alert drivers of potential towing hazards. Utilizing state-of-the-art technology to continuously measure vibration on vehicles towed behind a truck, SUV or motor home, Tattle-Trail will alert drivers of tire tread separation, flat tires, loose lug nuts, broken suspension components and malfunction of hitch assembly, just to name a few. Any chassis vibration exceeding the user selected “normal” threshold will generate both audible and visual alarms. Once notified, the operator can immediately take action to prevent further damage. Tattle-Trail also incorporates an anti-theft mode that will sound an alarm at the receiver (up to 1,000-feet away) if the system senses impact, motion or change in tilt angle. Simple to install and easy to use, Tattle-Trail is a total plug-and-play system. For any trailer-boater looking for complete situational awareness and safety this ingenious product is a must-have. Tattle-Trail, 727.230.0363,