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Rezilient Custom Boats

Designed and built by Pro-Drive Shallow Water Outboards and Shallow Draft boats, a company that has been involved in the work boat industry since 1991 and invented and designed the first surface driven shallow water outboard introduced and sold to the market in 2003, comes the newly design Rezilient Series of shallow draft deck boats and self bailing boats.


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Every hull is uniquely designed and tested air tight. Using extrusion ribs and supports, constructed out of 5086 marine grade aluminum Every Rezilient boat has a 3/16″ aluminum bottom for extra strength. These materials are not commonly found in factory manufactured boats and comes with a limited life time warranty. It is well understood at Pro-Drive that there will be no compromise!

The Rezilent is a comfortable smooth and quiet ride from the shallow flats to the open lakes and bays. Calm or rough water is never a problem and the fully sealed decks with closed cell foam make them virtually unsinkable giving you that piece of mind when out with your family.

The versatility of our deck boat gives you a one boat does it all. From fishing shallow flats to open lakes and bays with lots of room for anglers, mounting lights on the rails for floundering on the coast, bow fishing with the ability to mount lights and shoot from any area of the boat, to taking the family for a fun day out just cruzing, pulling tubes, wake boards, water skis, or swimming. It is the ultimate multi use combo.

The Rezilient Deck boat is available in 20, 22, and 24 foot with 78 inch bottoms.

The Rezilient SBX Series boat is available in 18, 20, 22, and 24 foot with 54, 60, or 72 inch bottoms.

Check out these boats on our Rezilient Custom Boats Facebook and Instragram Pages as well as the link to the Rezilient page on our Pro-Drive Website.

Call us for more information at (855) 621-5121.