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The Roaring 40s

Having the ability to safely traverse rough waters over long distance open ocean runs in confidence is essential to successful sport fishing. Many seasoned crews opt to bare the elements from the comfort of a convertible or express sportfisherman when chasing big fish in subtropical locales, yet there’s a growing trend of innovative boat builders and boat buyers breaking the barrier with super center consoles eclipsing an astonishing 40 feet in length. Believe us when we tell you that these mega machines are quickly gaining market share among family oriented weekend warriors and high ranking tournament competitors alike.


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The sleek and sexy Yellowfin 42 sets the bar extremely high.

Long gone are the days when a twin outboard 25-footer was the cat’s meow. Today’s massive, impressively equipped aquatic rocket ships are like nothing we’ve seen before. These modern machines offer heart-throbbing speed, ridiculous range, long lists of standard amenities and of course, they’re the most versatile and well designed fishing platforms ever conceived. Today’s 40-plus foot super center consoles are the deadliest weapons in the open ocean. Add in the fact that owning and operating an open boat is significantly easier and more affordable than maintaining an enclosed sportfish, and it’s easy to see why many owners are stepping down in size while stepping up in performance and fishability. These incredibly capable vessels can do things you have to personally experience to truly appreciate.

…what all manufacturers have in common is the ultimate goal of producing a high performance, solid-as-a-rock fishing machine with the ability to go the distance in comfort and style…
Imagine eating up stacked 5-footers at an honest 50 mph without killing yourself or destroying your boat, only to have your eight man tournament team reach the fishing grounds and deploy a full spread before anyone else even gets close. Now imagine the sweet taste of victory as your team is handed the trophy and check amongst a large crowd of cheering spectators. This is the world of high performance super center consoles, where those who claim title to the biggest, baddest, and fastest fishing machines often emerge victorious.

All things considered, purchasing a boat is always a compromise no matter the manufacturer or model. You can sacrifice speed and fishability for foul weather comfort and a full salon, or you can go big and fast with a 40-something foot open fisherman propelled by 1,400 horsepower! While there’s really no such thing as the perfect platform, most would agree you can’t go wrong with any semi-custom craft in this class. With unique personal touches, standard features and various deck configurations that distinguish one model from the next, what all manufacturers have in common is the ultimate goal of producing a high performance, solid-as-a-rock fishing machine with the ability to go the distance in comfort and style, no matter the sea conditions, no matter the intended destination, and no matter the target species.

HydraSports 4200 SF

The largest center console in the extensive lineup of legendary HydraSports vessels, the 4200 SF has every creature comfort you could ever ask for in addition to fishy features that make SKA teams quiver in fear. One of the largest production open fisherman in the world, the 4200 SF features standard amenities including seven fishboxes, three beverage/food coolers, 48 rod holders, 16 drink holders, 2 showers, a full head and multiple livewells! Behind the massive helm with three giant multifunction displays you’ll find triple wraparound bolster seats, with an additional second row bench seat to keep the entire crew comfortable during lengthy runs. Reaching the second station in the full tower has been simplified with a center ladder that eliminates awkward climbs in pitching and rolling seas. From the powder coated pipework to yacht-like fit and finish, everything about this boat is stunning and not one detail was overlooked. However, the long list of amenities makes this HydraSports one of the heaviest boats in its class. Still, rigged with quad Yamaha 350s, the 4200 SF reaches an eye watering 67 mph, so she’s clearly no slug. Pull the throttles back to a more efficient 46 mph and you can extend cruising range to roughly 500 miles, so there’s no water off limits and no fish that’s safe when you’re behind the helm of a HydraSports 4200 SF.

SPECS: L.O.A: 41’7″ Beam: 12’12” Draft: 24″ Weight: 23,000 lb. Fuel Capacity: 826 gal. Transom Deadrise: 23 degrees Max HP: 1,400 MSRP: $385,155*

*Model may be shown with optional features

SeaHunter Tournament 45

With an overall length eclipsing an astonishing 45 feet, SeaHunter owns the claim of providing the most square footage of any outboard powered center console on the market. With a wealth of experience in aerospace technology, SeaHunter builds boats with the end goal of producing the fastest, most dependable hulls on the market. Have you seen the drop test? These are purpose built boats using only the finest materials and technologies while not overlooking the fishing amenities die-hards desire. Through a proprietary laminate schedule, SeaHunter’s Vacuum Assisted Lamination Technology reaches unmatched build quality, hull strength and lightweight attributes by way of the best materials including DuPont Kevlar fiber, vinlyester resin, carbon fiber and Corecell core. A sharp entry and deep V at the transom, in addition to a full, padded v-bottom with a stepped transom and oversized chines provides an incredibly smooth and efficient ride at all speeds. The innovative hull is also designed specifically for optimal transducer performance at cruising speed. With the largest center console on the market you can have it all. Reach the fishing grounds before anyone else in any sea conditions and have all of the walk-around fishability of a smaller pocket center console without sacrificing the vantage of a full tower. The Seahunter Tournament 45 is also the perfect overnighter, with a cavernous console featuring a queen size berth, A/C, galley, head and entertainment system.

Specs: L.O.A: 45’4″ Beam: 12′ Draft: 35″ Weight: 21,000 lb. Fuel Capacity: 780 gal.
Transom Deadrise: 24.5 degrees Max HP: 1,400 MSRP: $575,000*

*Model may be shown with optional features

Yellowfin 42

One glance at any Yellowfin and you’ll notice the unmistakable sleek bow flare and sweeping sheer lines. There’s something to say about the look of a Yellowfin, and the 42 has curves that go on for days. Like most of the roaring 40s on this list, the Yellowfin 42 employs a stepped hull design in an effort to reduce drag and friction for greater speed and efficiency. Yellowfin was the first manufacturer to eclipse the 40 foot center console barrier, and their 42 continues to dominate rough seas at breakneck speeds. While the good looks and impeccable fit and finish work is everything you would expect from a vessel of this caliber, Yellowfin has been at the forefront of design and construction for years and knows a thing or two about boat building. The in-depth manufacturing process utilizes 100 percent vinylester resin in an effort to prevent osmotic blistering. Baltek core in the running surfaces, Corecell everywhere else, and biaxial and triaxial fiberglass ensures ballistic hulls. If that’s not enough, a massive stringer with two layers of 24 oz. woven roving and injected foam creates even more rigidity. If it’s fishy features you desire there’s no shortage here, with the gigantic 530 qt. insulated kill box in front of the console one of our favorites. There’s no lack of rod storage either, with 14 rods holders surrounding the forward sun pad, seven in the transom, six along the t-top, and six more under the gunnels. This fishing machine also features a console with two six-foot berths and a full marine head.

Specs: L.O.A: 42′ Beam: 12′ Draft: 23″ Weight: 16,500 lb. Fuel Capacity: 575 gal.
Transom Deadrise: 22 degrees Max HP: 1,400 MSRP: $325,000*

*Model may be shown with optional features

Bahama Boat Works 41

Unlike the rest of the lineup in the over 40 class, the Bahama 41 features a traditional V hull for gentle transitions. If you’re not a fan of the running characteristics of stepped hull boats, this may just be the wave killer for you! While you can expect the same top notch fit and finish work as you would with any other center console in this class, the Bahama 41 has some impressive details that are not to be overlooked. Each hardware component has been carefully chosen for aesthetic appeal, functionality and durability. All latches and hinges are recessed and many blind fasteners are utilized, resulting in very few visible screw heads. Additionally, every hatch boasts a double O-ring seal. Combined with standard compression latches in every hatch ensures each compartment’s total watertight integrity. As for design ingenuity, the fishboxes drain above the waterline and have no need for macerators and leave no pooling. What makes this massive center console even more attractive is the construction quality and design details. The strong, lightweight composite hull consists of Armourflex gelcoat over AME 6000 T-35 vinylester resin for maximum osmotic blister resistance. The hand laid hull receives three layers of 1 1/2 oz. biaxial fiberglass mat and vacuum-bagged PVC foam coring in the hull sides, while the bottom remains solid glass. This beautiful center console is an excellent choice for island hopping and offshore pursuits.

Specs: L.O.A: 41’3″ Beam: 11′ Draft: 23″ Weight: 9,500 lb. Fuel Capacity: 634 gal. Transom Deadrise: 24 degrees Max HP: 1,400 MSRP: $364,900*

Intrepid Powerboats
400 Center Console

Intrepid is known for producing seaworthy vessels in all classes and their stunning 40-footer continues on this quest. Part of the success of Intrepid Powerboats is the in-house handling, which employs painters, welders, electronics installers and other skilled craftsmen, ensuring that the accessories you select aren’t just installed right, they are installed right for you. The seaworthy design begins with a signature transverse stepped hull with huge freeboards for the utmost in safety, stability and handling. The bullet style console, an innovative, aerodynamic design to maximize visibility, exudes the sheer power and style of this supersized center console. At the helm, with numerous optional seating configurations, a massive dashboard features the latest flat screen technology and ergonomic accessory switches installed to the owner’s preferred specifications. A serious array of fishing amenities include a 5’2″ forward in-floor insulated fishbox with macerator pumps, 9-foot gunwale rod lockers, multiple baitwells and 15 individual storage compartments. Intrepid’s innovations are achieved through the company’s obsessive research, new product development, testing, and quality control systems focused on creating the safest, most comfortable, convenient, and family-friendly vessels on the water.

Specs: L.O.A: 40’3″ Beam: 11’1″ Draft: 27″ Weight: 16,000 lb. Fuel Capacity: 400 gal. Transom Deadrise: 21 degrees Max HP: 1,200 MSRP: $400,000*

*Model may be shown with optional features

Invincible 42 Open Fisherman

Designed by renowned naval architect Michael Peters, the high-performance Stepped-Vee Ventilated Tunnel hull on the Invincible 42 is a thing of beauty. According to Invincible, this innovative design results in the lowest drag coefficient of any mono hull in the world. What this means for you is increased speed and better fuel efficiency than conventional stepped hulls, not to mention and all-around improved ride. The steps create a remarkable air fed tunnel providing a softer ride and increased speed over other conventional hull designs. All plugs and molds for the boat are manufactured using a state-of-the-art five axis computerized router and cutting machines, guaranteeing a fit and finish that is unsurpassed. Solidifying its position as a serious competitor, this huge platform reached 80 mph in 42 seconds rigged with triple Seven Marine 557s. However, like we mentioned earlier all of these boats offer a compromise. If you need more than a beanbag to catch some shut-eye, you are out of luck because the Invincible 42 doesn’t have a sleeper cabin like some of the other roaring 40s.

Specs: L.O.A: 42’9″ Beam: 11’7″ Draft: 23″ Weight: 13,400 lb. Fuel Capacity: 600 gal. Transom Deadrise: 22 degrees Max HP: 1,400 MSRP: $320,000*

*Model may be shown with optional features