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Rod Assist to Revolutionize Deep-Sea Fishing Experience

Rod Assist, a startup company based in Kingstree, S.C., is pleased to announce the creation of a revolutionary new product for deep-sea fishermen.


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The Rod Assist Handle (patent pending) is a lightweight yet durable carbon fiber handle that attaches to a deep-sea fishing rod just above the reel. This handle allows the user to gain more leverage and expend less energy while fighting a fish.

Will Morris, an avid offshore fisherman and creator of Rod Assist, had the idea for the handle while fishing with a physically handicapped friend.

“Deep-sea fishing is an extremely physical activity, and even the strongest fisherman can become exhausted bringing a fish in to the boat,” Morris said. “Our product makes it possible for anyone to fight a fish longer, regardless of physical strength or skill level.”

Eric Sebnick, Morris’s friend and co-owner of Rod Assist, produced the first prototype for the Rod Assist Handle in his metalworking shop.

“The design is simple, but incredibly effective. Men, women, and children have all tested the Handle and noticed a big impact on their ability to bring in a fish,” said Sebnick.

The Rod Assist Handle makes deep-sea fishing accessible to more people and allows expert fishers to fine-tune their technique.

“Our mission is to make the fishing experience more satisfying and enjoyable and for fishers of all skill levels,” said Morris. “We don’t want people to come ashore because they’re tired—we want them to come ashore because their boat is full!”

The Rod Assist Handle is made and manufactured in the USA and will be available for purchase in the spring of 2016. For more information, contact Will Morris at

Rod Assist, LLC was founded in June of 2015 by Will Morris and Eric Sebnick. With more than 19 years of fishing experience between them, their mission is to make offshore fishing more exciting and enjoyable for fishers of all skill levels.