Safe Navigation Starts With Hi-Def Weather Data


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It doesn’t matter if you’re a seasoned salt or weekend warrior. Understanding the prevailing conditions and approaching weather patterns is essential to your well-being and safety on the water. With the aide of ClearPoint Weather’s hi-definition global weather information services, boaters can make accurate decisions based on vital up-to-the-minute weather and sea conditions. ClearPoint is a data rich system that enables navigators to download a broad suite of weather and forecast data and mix and match them on one screen. Totally customizable and simple to use, ClearPoint offers a wide range of important data for anglers including currents, temperature breaks, altimetry, bathymetry, chlorophyll, wind forecasts as detailed as 1nm, radar, satellite images, clouds, precipitation, and visibility. ClearPoint uses sophisticated data compression technology and is available to anyone with a laptop computer and Iridium, broadband card/cellphone modedm, or other data link. ClearPoint Weather, 888.257.7646,