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Sanibel Island

Bob Story, owner of one of the best Fly Shops in the United States Feather-Craft, managed to get out of the store for a short break and came to Sanibel Island to look for Tarpon. The weather was just so so, with a high chance for rain but not a lot of wind. The heavy cloud cover made sight fishing a little tough, but that’s what we set out to do – sight cast for large Tarpon. Bob is a highly seasoned fly angler and a joy to have on the bow of my skiff. We looked for tarpon from Captiva Island all the way to Boca Grande Pass, but not in the famous and overly crowed actual pass. We fished over white sand bottom in about 4 to 5 feet of water. Although it was cloudy and hurting our visibility, the water was very clear and therefore we had acceptable visibility.


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Bob casting to Tarpon off Cayo Costa Island. Photo: Capt. Paul Hobby

Long “story” short (get it?) we had some good opportunities at presenting the fly to lots of Tarpon. But if you have fly fished for Tarpon before you may know that everything is on their terms and it doesn’t matter who you are or how good you are, they eat when they want to.

Bob being the angler that he is, he managed to talk one of the vegan tarpon into eating his chicken feather fly. Below are some of the shots I took while he hooked up and wrestled with the big fish. I have a short video, but not exactly sure how to load it into this report. Below are a few pictures of Bob while tarpon fishing with me.

Sanibel Island Fishing Report by:
Captain Paul Hobby
Fort Myers, FL
Cell: (239) 850-2088