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Sarasota Fishing Report: Anglers fishing Sarasota Bay reported good action on deep grass flats with trout, blues, jacks and more on CAL jigs with shad tails, DOA Deadly Combos and flies during the past week. Reds are also beginning to school on Sarasota Bay flats. It is easier to find them when the tide is low. Look for wakes or patches of nervous water when it is calm or slick spots when there is a chop to find schools.


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Capt. Rick Grassett caught and released this big red at sunset on a Grassett Flats Minnow fly while wading Pine Island Sound with Capt. Rick DePaiva. Photo: Capt. Rick DePaiva

My friend, Capt. Rick DePaiva, invited me to fish Pine Island Sound with him on Wednesday afternoon. Tides were right for reds to tail on shallow grass as the tide bottomed out at about 5 PM, which gave us a window to fish the falling tide and then the incoming just before dusk. We had some shots at reds and snook on the outgoing tide, but as the tide hit low the water slicked off and conditions got right. We got out and waded as reds “snaked” their way back onto a shallow flat, crawling through the exposed grass. I caught and released a 30” red on my Grassett Flats Minnow fly with only a 20’ cast. Very rewarding!

Look for schools of reds staging on edges of bars and flats or tailing on shallow grass flats when the tide is low. There should still be some action with tarpon in the coastal gulf. However as they thin out in the coastal gulf, they are moving to inside areas where you may find them rolling on deep grass flats or in passes at first light. You also should find trout, blues and more on deep grass flats of Sarasota Bay. Catch and release snook fishing should be good in the surf, in passes and around docks and bridges close to passes.

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