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Sea Foam Launches New Marine PRO Product

Sea Foam, makers of Sea Foam Motor Treatment, recently announced the launch of Marine PRO, a complete fuel system treatment for marine engines. Like Sea Foam Motor Treatment, Sea Foam Marine PRO is specially formulated to help boat engines run smoother and last longer by cleaning and lubricating critical engine areas. It also helps stabilize fuel and combat the detrimental effects of ethanol in boat fuel systems.


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“Marine PRO is the solution for marine engine owners and technicians dealing with hard starting, throttle hesitation, misfiring and other fuel-related issues that cause problems on the water,” said Sea Foam president Mark Hanson. “Sea Foam was actually originally invented for marine engines so it's great to come back full circle.” Like all Sea Foam products, Marine PRO is simple to use (just pour it in fuel), is made only of highly refined petroleum ingredients, and because it has no harsh chemicals cannot cause any harm to engines or fuel system components. Marine PRO will be available in Fleet Farm stores starting March 2019. It will be more widely available in summer 2019.

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