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Fugawi X-Traverse

Fugawi X-Traverse is a web-based data service that provides boaters a user-friendly and cost effective mobile charting solution. Offering the ability to seamlessly transfer waypoints between an iPhone/iPod Touch and a PC or Mac, X-Traverse allows users to save, retrieve and move data without cabling between a desktop and mobile device. X-Traverse also features an online map collection including Canadian Hydrographic Service, NV.Digital Charts of the Caribbean and Baltic, Swedish Marine Charts, TRAK Maps and worldwide Navionics Gold+ HotMaps® Premium North American fishing cartography—marking the first ever compatibility of Navionics charts for use with Mac OS-based systems. X-Traverse users can download supported maps directly from the Internet to their computer hard drive for times when an Internet connection is not available, plus there are no CF or SD cards to purchase. Visit the company’s website for complete details. Fugawi X-Traverse, 416.920.9300, www.x-traverse.com