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SEATEK Launches New High Performance Offshore Watches and Sunglasses

Boynton Beach, FL –  SEATEK Gear, LLC today announced the launch of their new collections of high performance offshore watches and polarized sunglasses.  Founded by veteran sunglasses professional Paul Dudley, SEATEK was created as a better, less expensive alternative to high priced, lower quality chain store brands.  The SEATEK ARGO dive watch features Swiss components, 200 meter water depth resistance, sapphire crystal and is built by hand in the USA.  The ocean glare proof sunglasses DEEP-V and PABLO, are entirely made in Italy with advanced polarized lens systems by Carl Zeiss Vision.  A Florida native, Dudley began in the premium accessories business as US Marketing Manager for a renowned eyewear factory in Varese, Italy where he trained on all aspects of frame and lens technology and new product development.  He later went on to open a design and manufacturing consultancy creating custom sunglass lines for mainstream apparel and eyewear labels, the US Military,  entertainment celebrities and other high profile clients.  Dudley became interested in making premium timepieces while collaborating with an Illinois based brand of tactical watches on a patent pending model of ballistic rated sunglasses to add to their catalog.


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When asked why both sunglasses and watches Dudley stated “I admire companies like Electric and Shinola that have successfully leveraged the success of their brands to diversify into other categories of merchandise.”  He continued to say “Sunglasses and watches are only the start.  Our plan is to conceptualize and make all types of offshore technical gear as part of the long term SEATEK value proposition.”  Presented with the question what makes your sunglasses and watches different than other well established brands he responded “As a consultant, the projects I preferred to work on most were for boating and fishing applications because I personally enjoy the lifestyle they represent and am very in tune with the end user demands.  I know our competitor’s strengths and weaknesses intimately and have strategically positioned SEATEK in the marketplace to make a statement out of the gate.  We produce a better quality product and charge less money it’s a fairly simple but effective formula for our business.”

SEATEK is currently selling the polarized sunglasses and premium timepieces on their website with a retail dealer program scheduled for Q3 2017.  In addition to offering their products direct to retailers and consumers they also prepare custom sunglasses and watches for corporate gift and incentive programs as well as being commissioned for special edition bespoke projects.  SEATEK will be introducing three new color variations of the ARGO watch and fifth and sixth sunglasses model options also in Q3 2017.


SEATEK technical gear is specifically engineered for the hardcore offshore waterman. Proudly designed and field tested in Florida USA, SEATEK applies military grade raw materials, components and water resistance to all the products we manufacture. Our hand crafted watches, premium polarized optics and advanced offshore active gear delivers best in class performance and quality.  SEATEK is an independent USA owned and operated business.  All our design, style and function inspiration is a result of living, breathing and never getting enough of the offshore lifestyle.