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SeaVee Boats 390 Z

Stepped hull boats are typically faster and more fuel efficient than conventional deep V hulls. However, the innovative design that originated in an effort to reduce a hull’s wet running surface also comes with concerns. Most notably, stepped hulls require more throttle to stay on plane and have a tendency to slip during tight turns. Losing transducer connectivity and keeping baitwell pumps primed at cruising speed are additional problems associated with stepped hulls. Well, it’s time to usher in a new era.


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SeaVee Boats, already recognized for producing the finest high performance fishing machines in the world, took on the immense challenge of developing a revolutionary new stepped hull design that not only improves on the existing benefits of stepped hulls, but also eliminates all of the associated downsides. This was no easy task and literally required years of computer-aided design, hands on engineering, and real world testing behind a veil of secrecy. Ariel Pared, the company’s owner, made it crystal clear from the start, “If we can’t get it perfect, we aren’t doing it.”

It appears the stars have aligned because the recent introduction of SeaVee’s perfected Z Series is already setting a new industry standard for stepped hull performance. While the 390 Z retains all of the meticulous craftsmanship, impeccable fit and finish and notable appointments of the traditional 390, punch the throttles on the new Z Series and she effortlessly glides onto plane at a mere 16 knots thanks to expertly angled lifting bodies. The impressive design results in a perfectly fixed trim angle at any running speed. Using a four-port air induction system with a central air reservoir, the patented hull design ensures the air cavity needed to reduce drag remains constant regardless of sea conditions or hard maneuvers. Integrated to improve directional stability, innovative Speed Rails™ in the hull produce the appropriate counterforce to maintain a dead-on heading where conventional stepped hulls might falter. Further contributing to a 12 to 15-percent increase in fuel efficiency and top end speed, an all-new cored hull reduces weight by 800 pounds while providing four times the hull strength.

Another innovation from SeaVee is a strategically placed thru-hull transducer pad designed to ensure today’s high performance sonar units receive a clean signal at any speed. A flooded keel in the stern was also engineered to funnel water to the high speed baitwell pickup so live bait fishermen never have to worry about air lock. SeaVee Boats, 305.759.6419,

Boat Specs

L.O.A 39′
Beam 11′
Draft 26″
Fuel Capacity 538 gal.
Dry Weight 11,820 lb.
Max HP 1,200
MSRP $344,000*
*Model may be shown with optional features

Simrad IS40

One of the most respected marine electronics manufacturers in the game, Simrad produces a wide range of electronics that provide simplistic solutions for full integration of a comprehensive electronics suite. With the latest multifunction Simrad touchschreens handling everything from radar, sonar, chartplotting, weather, music and more, it’s nice to have a dedicated unit to provide critical data without having to adjust your main helm display. This 4.1-inch, LED-backlit do-it-all digital display enables users to toggle through multiple data pages providing clearly readable information such as wind direction, speed, depth, heading, autopilot status, engine data and more. The large keys enable instant access and the display’s massive 170-degree viewing angle ensures a clearly visible display in all lighting conditions. Simrad’s line of fully networked electronics make fishing and boating more intuitive and more enjoyable than ever before. Simrad,