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B&G recently announced their new family of precision instrument displays, the HVision 40/40, 30/30, 20/20 and 10/10. Engineered to provide boaters superior performance and visibility under the most challenging conditions, B&G’s HVision displays are built to withstand seasons of hard use. Offering greater clarity and durability, the HVision custom segmented instrument display line provides maximum viewing, day or night, of key performance information – delivered quickly and smoothly. First used in the 30/30 display, HVision technology significantly enhances durability and visibility in harsh marine environments. The high-integrity bonded screen construction and use of toughened glass and anti-reflective coating ensure the units are not only ultra-rugged, but provide unrivalled wide-angle clarity and guarantee zero condensation. Segmented single line data, high-contrast black on white screens and three-level LED backlighting further increases the visibility of HVision displays in all ambient light and on-deck conditions. Each unit in the B&G HVision is waterproof to IP67 standard (submersible) and is protected by a 2-year limited parts and labor warranty. B&G, 800.324.1356,