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FORT LAUDERDALE, FL ‐ Chartering a sportfishing boat is a dream for many anglers, but all too often, the cost of the trip is just too steep for just one or two anglers. The boat and related expenses cost the captain the same no matter how many passengers are onboard, so prices are normally fixed for a particular type of trip. is the world’s first online booking service that sells individual spots on fishing charters, saving anglers hundreds of dollars. This model is very similar to cruise ship or airline reservations, where you can prepay online, print your ticket, and show it to the captain to come aboard.


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Los Sueños. Photo: is here to fill this void in the charter boat fishing industry. Using a well thought out process, has developed an ever ‐ expanding pool of quality, licensed charter boat operators throughout the world. Anglers looking for a charter in exotic locations, or in their own backyard, can reserve a spot aboard the charter boat of their choice. Other parties or individuals can see these pending trips and join the group. A minimum of two anglers guarantees the trip, but as more anglers sign up, the price drops for everyone. Each boat is not overcrowded and will have a maximum number of passengers determined by boat size, comfort and Coast Guard requirements. Many of the boats in the Share A Fishing Charter fleet are true sport fishing boats, not drift boats (or head boats) that often carry 20 – 60 guests that stop and drift over spots where the captain believes there are and everyone fishes at the same time regardless of tangles. Other boats on include, flats boats, center consoles, etc.

We are excited to introduce a new service that benefits both captains and anglers in an industry we love.

Anglers can search available trips by location, by boat, captain, etc. When they find an offered trip that you would like to go on, they sign up as an angler for a particular date. As long as one other angler signs up for the same trip, the charter is a go. If more anglers sign up, then the price goes down for everyone involved, even after you sign up. will keep you posted of developments about your selected trips and the other passengers signing on. The site features simple access to share your charter opportunity on Facebook and Twitter to attract other anglers to your trip, thus reducing everyone’s cost.

“Charter fishing doesn’t have to be expensive anymore. With more than 5,000 charters available at launch, our goal is to grow and sustain a global marketplace that enables value-­‐ driven anglers to enjoy the same exhilarating charter experience at a significantly lower price point,” co-­‐founder and CEO David Lohmann said in a statement. “We are excited to introduce a new service that benefits both captains and anglers in an industry we love.”

For example, if a full day, 6-­‐packtrip is $1,000, six anglers can now share the charter for under $200 and receive the same professional service and rewarding experience. There are well thought out parameters in place for how fishing turns can be taken and other aspects of sharing a charter. The reservation and cancellation policies are very reasonable for all parties and the company works hard to ensure everyone is treated fairly. Neither the charter party nor the captain will be left hanging. Of course any charter trip is subject to the will of Mother Nature, and the captains will have the final say before the trip as they would normally.

Search from their growing team of experienced and proven captains at top fishing destinations worldwide. Experience the first and only price sharing system that lowers your ticket price as the charter fills up! Book a spot today to experience world-­class fishing at affordable prices.

If you are chartering a fishing boat, is the smart alternative.

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