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Shiflett Fishing Paddle Co. Introduces My Bucket Ring, an ingenious new multipurpose organizer for home, outdoor sporting & more.

The Shiflett Fishing Paddle Co. is launching another innovation in sporting gear. The new, patent pending My Bucket Ring tool & gear organizer is a multi-purpose product with a wide range of applications. Unlike other organizational systems designed for buckets, My Bucket Ring includes functionalities such as a drink holder and can be attached to any number of surfaces besides buckets- making it an essential organization tool for camping, boating and fishing, hiking and hunting, as well as home, yard and garden applications.


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Interest in the product has been strong, according to Ron Shiflett, a co- inventor behind the brand. “We came up with the idea because we are always on the water and the typical bucket organizers all prevent the use of a lid, which really cuts down on the functionality of your bucket,” he explains. “On a boat and especially on a kayak, every inch of space needs to be maximized. So, the concept for My Bucket Ring grew out of our own needs as sportsmen. And then, every person who saw it during development immediately thought of another, different way they could use it, which was when we knew it would be a hit.”

Product development and patenting for My Bucket Ring has taken a little over 8 months, according to Shiflett. “We had some remarkable people helping us problem solve during research & development. Jeff Wilson of Curbell Plastics in particular, was instrumental in identifying the right materials for the final product. We were asking for a lot- something lightweight, extremely strong and durable, cost effective to manufacture- and it turned out to be a little more challenging than we anticipated. I can’t thank Jeff enough, he really delivered, and it shows in the quality we were able to achieve.”

Other co-inventors and owners behind My Bucket Ring include Grant Caldwell and Kenneth Robertson of Midlothian, Virginia; and Tim Powell of Steinhatchee, Florida

Designed to Multi-Task

“Your typical bucket organizer is bulky and adds a lot of extra weight. You can’t use them with a bucket full of water or bait, they get stained or ripped, they prevent use of a lid, and they have virtually no utility when you take them off the bucket.” Shiflett explains. He wanted this product to be different.

My Bucket Ring was designed for multiple applications. It’s padded inner lining and non-marking buckle creates snug, damage-free tension to keep the product securely anchored, and it can be attached in seconds, to almost anything; including 3-6 gal buckets, posts, trees, boat, 4-wheeler or golf cart seats, backpacks, camp chairs, tote bags, strollers, and more.

It keeps essential tools and supplies in sight and close at hand, whether at the campsite, the marina, the garage, or the garden. At only 8.9 ounces, My Bucket Ring is super lightweight, waterproof, and the high visibility blaze orange color makes it easy to spot and hard to lose. The drink holder is even sized to hold insulated steel tumblers, making it convenient to stay hydrated as you work or play.

“We have been very pleased with the consumer reaction,” says Shiflett, who holds U.S. and international patents for multiple sporting goods innovations. “It’s been a lot of fun seeing how people immediately adapt it for their own uses. That’s when you know it’s a good product.”

Available Now

My Bucket Ring will be introduced at the New Product Showcase at the iCast Orlando expo in July 2019. Pending retail release, order my Bucket Ring online at