Slammer Dolphin Tactics Seminar

Join Capt. Mike for the Slammer Dolphin Tactics live seminar recorded at Chaos. Topic of discussion: slammer dolphin! This is a must watch for anglers determined to find a once in a lifetime 50lb dolphin. Trolling speed, baits, location, and fish fighting tactics are just some of the many topics covered in this seminar.

Life Cycle and Migratory Patterns
– Where they come and go
– When is the ideal time for South Florida anglers
– How to find slammer dolphins

Master The Hunt
– Let’s talk about depth
– Location, location, location
– Timing is your friend
– Why the experts pay attention to moon Phases

– Reading and understanding floating debris

Rigging Techniques
– Natural baits and trolling lures

Rig it Right
– Rods
– Reels
– Line
– Leader selection

Plus Capt Mike explains the best fish fighting practices and his mouth-watering dolphin recipes and so much more.

The Slammer Dolphin Tactics Seminar was hosted at the Chaos Fishing store in Pompano Beach Florida. Chaos Tackle Shop is located at 4301 North Federal Highway, Pompano Beach, Florida. To watch other seminars, click here or subscribe to our Youtube channel. This seminar was presented by Captain Mike Genoun, Florida Sport Fishing magazine editor & Florida Sport Fishing TV host with guest speakers.