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Slow Pitch Jigging with the Sea Falcon® Z-Slow Deep Neo Jig

Kennesaw, GA (April 5, 2022) – As its name implies, the Sea Falcon® Z-Slow Deep Neo jig offers enticing “Z” action even in the deepest areas. The Z-Slow Deep Neo is specifically designed for situations where you need optimum action in deep water and strong currents where lighter jigs or other designs might fail. 
Z-Slow Deep Neo jigs are also available in a variety of enticing colors. Sea Falcon enhances the appeal of each lure with aluminum or holographic applications. Hook eyes are all part of the same one-piece wireframe to ensure superior strength and lure integrity. The rugged hand-painted finish will stand up to repeated attacks from the toothiest predators. Z-Slow Deep Neo jigs are available in a range of heavy-weight sizes from 200 – 400 grams.
The heavier weight and slim profile provide a fast fall to get your jig where the fish are more quickly. Its shape then produces a wide, sliding action on the swim-up that mimics a fleeing baitfish and an irresistible vibrating shimmy on the fall that triggers a predatory fish’s strike instinct. All of these features combine to make it more effective in deeper water and heavy currents.
To ensure you can fine-tune your presentation to get the best performance from your jigs, Sea Falcon has developed a specification chart for each jig indicating the correct fall speed, weight balance, pause time, current, pulling resistance and slide width, and maps them out on an easy to understand chart on their website. 
Every Sea Falcon lure is based on a hand-carved original created by CEO and Chief Designer Tetsuya Itou, one of Japan’s foremost lure designers. Based in Hamamatsu, Japan, they operate under the ‘Total Package’ concept, combining all processes from planning and development to manufacturing all under one roof. Sea Falcon ensures supreme quality and continues to provide innovative products to the fishing world.
Gamakatsu® hooks are specifically designed to compliment Sea Falcon lures and plugs. Gamakatsu hooks are made with the same level of craftsmanship and attention to detail, equally raising the performance of any Sea Falcon lure.
• Slow and High Pitch
• Deep Water Fishing/ High and Two Way Current
• Wide Sliding Action
• Vibrating Shimmy Fall Action
• Fast Fall Speed
• Available in a wide range of sizes from 200 – 400 grams
Target Species:
• Grouper
• Snapper
• Amberjack
About Sea Falcon®
Sea Falcon® ensures supreme quality and continues to provide innovative products to the fishing world. Thanks to an exclusive arrangement with SPRO® and Gamakatsu,® Sea Falcon® Lures are now available in the USA.
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