Slowpitch Slayfest Seminar

Join Capt. Mike at the Slowpitch Slayfest Seminar where we discuss slow pitch jigging! Learn about the versatility of this adicting fishing technique.

The Evolution and Benefits of Slow Pitch Jigging
– Where it all started, the origins story
– Why this technique was invented

The Importance of Rod Selection
– Deep dive on blank material
– Why pay attention to rod length
– Action speak louder than words
– In the know with components

The Right Reel for the Job
– Reel size matters
– The right speed for the job
– Maximum drag explained

Line and Leader Systems
– Detailed overview on all your options in the market

Proper Jig Selection
– Size of jigs for the job
– Different styles and how to make your selection
– Color matters

Terminal Tackle Talk
– The right assist hook can make you or break you
– Split Rings explained

Fish Fighting Tactics and so much more!

The Slowpitch Slayfest Seminar was hosted at the Chaos Fishing store in Pompano Beach Florida. Chaos Tackle Shop is located at 4301 North Federal Highway, Pompano Beach, Florida. To watch other seminars, click here or subscribe to our Youtube channel. This seminar was presented by Captain Mike Genoun, Florida Sport Fishing magazine editor & Florida Sport Fishing TV host with guest speakers.