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SMITH OPTICS’ Great Days: Florida Keys Flats Fishing

Guides Captain Bou Bosson and Brian Gabriel use their new ChromaPop polarized lenses for a day sight fishing for Red Drum and Tarpon in the Florida Keys.


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Photo: Smith Optics

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“Great Days: Flats Fishing in the Keys Backcountry” highlights a day on the water with guides Captain Bou Bosson and Brian Gabrial as they “hunt” for Red Drum and Tarpon just of Islamorada Island, in the Florida Keys. Islamorada is one of 1,700 islands that comprise the Keys and is known as the “Sportfishing Capital of the World”. Rumor has it that it, the area hosts the largest fishing fleet per square mile than anywhere else in the world. Join guides Bosso and Gabriel as they spend a great day in pursuit of their daily catch (and release).

About Great Days: Some say a Great Day is just a state of mind. To us, Great Days are what reinvigorate our passion for life outside walls. To celebrate Smith’s 50 years of outdoor adventure, we’re documenting our brand’s ambassador’s as they show us what keeps them pushing the limits. At Smith, We Make the Great Days Better.  “Great Days” is a multi-sport, year-round web series that follows our athletes and ambassadors in their personal pursuits of a Great Day.

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