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Snook Slam

The great news is that fishing has been awesome the last few days. The bad news is that another cold front will put a damper on the good fishing for a few days. Back to the good news, we are starting to develop a trend and this is good because it helps to pick the best days to fish. Nature Coast game fish have to get acclimated to the chilly inshore waters just as us humans are getting used to the winter weather. The warm up after the cold front and up to the days before the next cold front when the wind comes around to the south is the best time to fish.


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Snook fishing in the Homosassa river is the best that I have ever experienced. From the Blue Waters all the way to Hells Gate the points and deep coves are loaded with small snook. Along with the snook there are plenty of legal sized mangrove snapper. On light tackle using D.O.A. 3” near clear shrimp ( #312 ) or MirrOlure MirrOdines the action plus the less than two gallons of gas you burn is excellent. As I said the snook are all under size so handle with care. The cool thing about fishing in the river, this is the time of year to get a slam with the snook, redfish and trout. On this part of the Nature Coast it a hard thing to accomplish on any given day.

Trout fishing continues to be slow but I had some luck in Blue Bay, Mason Creek, and St. Martins River. Redfish are still on the outside keys when there is a high enough tide to reach them. High incoming tide will be at first light in the morning and then going out for most of the day. Be Thankful on Thanksgiving!

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Capt. William Toney