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SoftScience 4th of July Supreme Savings

Oceanside, CA –For the first time ever, SoftScience is offering a discount on the Fin 2.0, Fin Boot, and Terrafin. These 2017 styles have never been discounted, and we have had guys looking for deals all year long – well, it’s here.  20% off your entire purchase, for all orders of $100 or more.  This discount is available on every single style – so all the flip flops, and our comfort casual shoes like the Durango and Cruise Canvas too.  It’s pretty easy to get the discount, for example a pair of Fin 2.0 (89.00) and a pair of flip-flops (39.99-49.99) or even a pair of flip-flops from our Clearance outlet ($20) gets the job done.


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The promo code to get this discount is “SUPREME” and is valid thru July 4th.