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SOLACE Boats Announces Partnership With Scanstrut

SŌLACE Boats officially announces a new technical partnership with Scanstrut Inc. A company based out of Westbrook, CT and with corporate headquarters in the UK, Scanstrut specializes in the production of cutting-edge outdoor technologies, including the latest in waterproof wireless phone charging tech, engineered for the marine environment.


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The ‘ROKK Wireless – Active’ will allow SŌLACE owners to wirelessly charge and mount their phones right at the helm during all conditions. It features a high friction grip, single-handed phone placement, and is IPX6 waterproof.

The SŌLACE 345 includes two ‘ROKK Wireless – Active’ chargers in the helm. One is to the right of the wheel and the other is to the left. The placement of these chargers allows the captain to keep their phones within reach and fully charged at all times.

SŌLACE sees the value of such design that is usable in all marine conditions. This unit will be seen on all boats leaving the SŌLACE facility as a standard feature, adding to an already long list of standards. Two ROKK traditional waterproof USB ports will be available for guests sitting in the forward lounger. Founder of SŌLACE Boats, Stephen Dougherty, said “Finally we have the opportunity to stay connected and ready on the water. So many customers are bringing a variety of devices to sea, and with their inherent safety benefits, not just including this technology but partnering with Scanstrut was essential.”

SŌLACE looks forward to growing their technical partnership with Scanstrut, creating a better boating environment for all their owners.

“As two forward looking innovative companies, we’re delighted to partner with SŌLACE Boats. Our shared aim is to create a better boating environment and ROKK Wireless – Active is the perfect product for their new 345 model, securely mounting and instantly charging your phone, exactly where you need it.” Tom Reed, Scanstrut CEO.

About SŌLACE Boats

Decades in the pursuit of excellence.

SŌLACE was founded on innovation, community, and an unending pursuit of excellence. The SŌLACE team is passionate about designing boats that reflect our drive for excellence, and our commitment to the ultimate on-water experience.

It all started at a very young age for Stephen Dougherty as he experienced total immersion in the ultimate boatbuilding insights. Since then, Stephen Dougherty and his wife Sarah have launched and scaled multiple successful businesses. SŌLACE is the culmination of Stephen’s life’s work, and the business acumen of Sarah. The ultimate design backed by the ultimate company

SŌLACE Boats will be manufactured at the Dougherty’s 200,000 square foot factory on 16 acres located in Edgewater, FL. SŌLACE is looking to build a global brand and maintain an international footprint for support anywhere around the globe.

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About Scanstrut Ltd.

Founded in 1986 Scanstrut Ltd is the international market leader in the design and manufacture of installation solutions for marine electronics. Headquarters in UK with offices in Westbrook, CT.

With over 30 years of trust in our products, the international boating community knows that when it comes to a mount for electronics, they choose “a Scanstrut”.