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Soteria Lifejackets Releases The Rockfisher PFD

The Rockfisher personal floatation device (PFD) is specifically aimed at rockfishing from remote sites, such as cliffs and other rocky outcrops, which are typically difficult to access. Unable to find a product that aids in these harsh elements, we persevered with “off the shelf” recreational PFDs whilst carrying our rods and gear.


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As well as obvious safety aid, we wanted a PFD jacket that would enable hands-free transit for maximum balance over this rough terrain. The rod holder and other features allow you to tend to all your fishing needs without turning your back on the sea.

The little known survival hood was also added; this feature prevents water ingestion and offers high visibility. A must in an emergency.

We believe Rockfishermen aren’t given enough thought and are expected to wear basic boating PFDs. From our experience and research, the traditional PFD’s are not enough to keep these anglers safe, so we designed this to suit your needs whilst rock fishing.

For more details, please watch the video on our website or you can also visit our facebook page