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Hey… Good Mornin’ KB,


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Photo: Capt. Jesse McDowall

And a very Good Mornin’ to you Southwest Florida!

Thanks for tuning in to the reel outdoors. Florida’s only… live from the water fishing show.

I’m Capt. Jesse McDowall of Florida inshore extreme charters, as always… you’re welcome to join us here monday through friday at 7:25 a.m as we broadcast live from our charter boats…keepin’ you up to date on what’s biting and howwwwdda catch ‘em.

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Holy smokes what a week we’ve had out on the water. This week has just been simply a gift from the fishing gods. Both Kelly and I have had fin-nominal days out on the water. Cast after cast has produced some of the hotest fishing we’ve seen this summer… rivaled only by the afternoon heat. But, if you’re on the water early enuff it’s not too much of a bother. Just make sure to keep plenty of liquids onboard to help you stay hydrated. We’re seeing a good number of big reds in our waters over the last few weeks… Hopefully it’s just a prequal for whats to come this fall. Trout bite has been stellar. Topwater action for these aggressive little buggers is absolutly off the hook! Grab a few of your favorite topwater baits and get to slinging. My favorite… yup bone color spook one knocker and spook jr’s. Haven’t had many complaints in the hooked up department. Snook have spread themselves all around the passes and nearshore reefs… so keep an eye out for them cause there are some biiiiggg snook out there.

I’m seeing some huge trout following up some of these smaller trout that are hooked. Keep something you can pitch to these gators as they try to eat these smaller fish as you bring them to the boat. We had at least 5 very large trout follow up smaller hooked fish. Again, I’m throwin spook jr’s and one knockers in the bone color. And for rainy cloud cover, switch over to the badonkadonk or spook jr in martigraw color. If you can get out to some of the nearshore reefs … they’re covered up with some really great fishing as well. Now you know we’ve had some serous rain the last few days and for me… well im gonna recommend fishing near the passes around the incoming tides as all that fresh water influx will push the fish into deeper water. So having said that my second recommendation if you’re gonna fish flats then use something noisy like topwater or the best fishing lure in the world the bobmer swg paridice popper with a 4-5-0 circle hook and live bait or a scented soft plastic and 1/16 oz jig.

As always we’ve got some events coming up that team rso will be involved in like the michael odonall kids tournament so keep your ears open for more on those upcoming events and check out the rso fb page for details, pic’s and more info. …

Tune in with capt chris and i for the fish on friday’s show from 5-6pm. We’ll recap the weeks reports on whats biting and you know it….HOW To catch em….

Folks, that’s gonna do it for me today. So come on out and join me for a great day on the water… you can give me a call @ 941-698-0323 or… find me on my web page @

Hey KB… you know the deal. Gotta get on out and get my fix on! Tight lines and y’all stay safe!!

Back to you KB.

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