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SpoolTek Lures Releases New Lure

Coconut Creek, FL – SpoolTek Lures is excited about the release of their latest model, the Pro-Series 4” Fatty, which brings the benefits of Concealed Leader Technology to light tackle applications. It weighs ½ oz. and will be offered in 12 colors, including new patterns Pearl, Rootbeer, Blueback Herring, Ayu, and Threadfin Shad.


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Like all SpoolTek Lures, the Pro-Series 4” Fatty features patented Concealed Leader Technology. After a strike occurs, a concealed 10” length of 40lb. steel cable leader deploys from an internal spool. This heavy leader provides added abrasion resistance, enabling anglers to tie lighter leader or mainline directly to the lure for a better, stealthier presentation.

A deployed leader distances the lure from a fish’s mouth, making it extremely difficult to shake free, greatly improving the ratio of strikes vs. landed fish. “The new 4” model will be an extremely disruptive bait. In addition to bringing the bulk of inshore saltwater anglers into our reach, it will open up the freshwater bass market in a huge way. The shake off problem has been, by and large, eliminated, as evidenced by the feedback given by our Pro Staff team member and FLW Rookie of the Year, Zack Birge. The 4” Fatty will put SpoolTek into orbit,” states Chris Walsh, CEO & Co-Inventor.

The Fatty has a natural, jig-like fall pattern which often entices strikes as it descends. It tracks straight with a tight tail wiggle at a range of retrieve speeds. The lure is extremely versatile and highly effective using a variety of techniques. With a typical baitfish profile and standard weight, the 4” Fatty is expected to have universal angler appeal.

During extensive field testing, the lure produced an astonishing variety of freshwater and saltwater species, from largemouth bass, to seatrout, to blackfin tuna. Prototypes quickly made their way into competition on top professional bass tournament trails this season.

“The bass guys wanted a smaller profile lure they could fish shallower in color patterns mimicking popular bait fish like threadfin shad and blueback herring. We listened.” says Dave Justice COO & Co-Inventor.

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