Standard Horizon Hx870 Handheld Vhf


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Standard Horizon Hx870 Handheld Vhf

Building on the already proven line of HX handheld VHF radios, the HX870 features an enlarged 2.3-inch screen, updated interface with soft keys and icons, and substantially larger lithium-ion battery. A 6-watt transmitter with DSC Class D compliance, this floating VHF is supplied with 120V AC and 12V DC chargers that bring the battery to full charge in just three hours, and an alkaline battery tray for operation with five AAA cells. The HX870 also provides navigation functionality and can save up to 200 waypoints and 20 routes. Built around a polycarbonate housing and die cast frame, the HX870 provides a 3 year waterproof warranty and features a unique water activated SOS strobe light that automatically turns on even if the radio is off.

MSRP: $249.99