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Stop Biting Insects Naturally and Enjoy Your Time Outdoors

Crystal River, FL- There’s nothing worse than planning a day on the water or at the park, in the garden or at the ball field, only to have it ruined by No See Ums – Gnats – Mosquitoes and other biting insects.


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Cheap chemical insect repellents are everywhere, so we tend to use them, although reluctantly. That’s because they don’t last long, feel sticky, smell bad and in many cases, irritate or burn our skin.

Well, now there’s a completely ALL NATURAL and long-lasting way for you and your loved ones to stay protected without harsh chemicalsCaptain Ron’s All natural Insect repellent!  

Made in the USA, Captain Ron’s provides long-lasting protection because it’s 100% repellent! This powerful formula is like no other repellent on the market!  It’s not water based, there are NO preservative or additives and of course, it‘s completely DEET FREE!

Captain Ron’s All Natural Insect Repellent is made from pure plant extracts, it has a very pleasant fragrance, it’s not sticky or greasy and actually feels good on your skinSafe for use on CHILDREN and PETS too! 

Developed by people who fish, we put years of relentless field testing behind this formula. Hard testing, in various climates conditions and against some of the nastiest biting insects around!  

From NO-SEE-UM’S and mosquitoes in the in the Florida Everglades to GREEN FLIES and gnats in the salt marshes along the Jersey Shore. Captain Ron’s delivers unbeatable protection when others cannot!  

Try it once and you’ll see, Nothing works like Captain Ron’s!

Whether your BOATING, FISHING, CAMPING, GARDENING  or anything in-between remember, Captain Ron’s All Natural Insect Repellent!
Don’t set sail without the Captain!

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