Storm Warning

Phil grew up a hardcore fisherman, but soon enough college, graduate school and a corner office turned the crazy salt into a run-of-the-mill workaholic. Phil decided it was time to get back on the water and reignite his passion for fishing. However, his wife was not thrilled with the plan.


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“I ought to take some time off and go fishing,” he often thought to himself, before getting swept up in the daily grind of corporate America. After every long day at the office, Phil came home to see the boat again and have the same thoughts run through his mind, reminiscing of the times when he and his father would so often head offshore and catch ‘em up.

To add insult to injury, Phil drove over a bridge every morning with a beautiful view of the ocean. He often left the house early enough to where he could see the sun emerging over the horizon. Worse yet, his office was only a block from the inlet. It seemed to Phil that the fishing conditions were always perfect when he was going to work, but never ideal when he had a rare bit of free time.

One summer morning, while on his way to work, Phil saw the flat calm ocean as he did so many other mornings and decided he’d finally had enough, it was time to go fishing. He raced back home and confidently told his wife that he was going to use a week of his vacation days to take advantage of the forecasted weather with light winds and calm seas.

After being loudly woken up by the news, Stacy shook her head and muttered “Just stay out of my hair during the day…” and went back to sleep. She always made it quite clear that she wasn’t fond of Phil’s love of the ocean and never understood why he bought a boat in the first place. Her reaction really bothered him, but certainly was not a surprise. Phil called his boss to let him know he would be absent for the rest of the week, gassed up the boat and prepared to reconnect with his fish-filled life of old.

Phil headed out that day and got his bearings back—catching live bait, organizing his gear and devising a game plan for the week. Before long, he was back to his old self, with a smile on his face and a bent rod in his hands. After catching a few dolphin that first day, Phil headed in feeling like a hero, thinking to himself how much Stacy would enjoy fresh fish dinner.

Sadly, Phil was wrong. When he got home and showed off his catch, Stacy was less than impressed and couldn’t have cared less what he caught. Phil ate his catch alone and went to bed eagerly awaiting the morning, when he would try to do it all again.

Each and every day that week, Phil was more and more successful out on the water. Frankly, he hadn’t been that happy in years. Everything was perfect until he got home to Stacy, whose disapproval of Phil’s rekindled passion grew more significant every day.

On his last day off before going back to work, Phil woke up and performed his usual routine. Just as he was ready to head out, a massive storm came out of nowhere, putting a damper on his plans for the day.

While trying to wait it out, Phil realized the weather was not letting up. After getting the boat settled in the driveway and taking care of all his equipment, Phil took a minute to think about what a great week it had been and how tough Monday was going to be.

Still soaked to the bone, Phil walked upstairs and snuggled into bed next to Stacy, asking, “Have you seen the crazy weather outside?”

Stacy, still half asleep and with her eyes closed, smiled and mumbled, “Yeah, can you believe my husband is out there fishing in it?”