BaitFish ID

Striped (Black) Mullet

Description: Color bluish-gray or green above, shading to silver on sides, with indistinct horizontal black barrings, white below; fins lightly scaled at base, unscaled above; blunt nose and small mouth; second dorsal fin originiates behind that of the anal.

Similar Fish: White mullet, M. curema; fantail mullet M. gyrans (both white and fantail mullet have black blotch at base of pectoral fin, which is lacking in the black mullet).

Where Found: Inshore.

Size: Roe mullet common to 3 pounds, but in aquariums known to reach 12 pounds or more.

Remarks: Adults migrate offshore in large schools to spawn; juveniles migrate inshore at about 1 inch in size, moving far up tidal creeks; frequent leapers; feeds on algae, detritus, and other tiny marine forms.