Summer Slammer Seminar

Capt Mike explains the in’s and out’s of locating and enticing the most abundant predator in our local South Florida waters. The Summer Slammer Seminar covers where to troll for Mahi and most importantly why. Also covered in this very informative seminar, why you need to know how to set a trolling pattern.

In this seminar Captain Mike explores the following topics:

Inshore fishing vs. Offshore fishing. Where to troll for Summer Slammers and why those locations make sense?
– What are the top months of the year to fish
– Location, location, location. It’s not just a topic for real estate
– Must-have gear and electronics for a successful fishing trip
– Florida Wildlife Conservation Commission Rules & Regulations for Dolphin

Setting A Trolling Pattern for ultimate success
– Where to position your lures and why this is important
– The proper Rods and Reels you should look for
– Best Rigging techniques for Summer Slammers
– Selecting and preparing rigged baits

How to find slammers
– Migratory Routes
– Dive down on feeding characteristics
– How to maximize your electronics

Captain Mike also shares his delicious Dolphin Recipes and so much more.

The Summer Slammer seminar was hosted at Chaos Fishing in Pompano Beach Florida in front of a live audience. To watch other seminars, click here.