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Superyacht Antifouling System

Rockaway, N.J. – Pettit Marine Paint, leading manufacturer of high performance marine coatings, announced today the release of the all-new superyacht antifouling system, the Pettit XL line. Consisting of the top-selling antifouling products in Pettit’s line, the paints will be marketed as Pettit XL and sold specifically to the large boat market. With over 150 years of experience, Pettit’s offering of Pettit XL paints have been designed to provide exceptional protection for the big boat market. Pettit is also partnering with a European and an Austral-Asian paint company to provide worldwide availability of these new products.


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Ultima® SR60
The Ultima® SR60 multi-season copolymer delivers exceptional performance. By using the highest ablative copper load possible (60%) Ultima provides the strongest protection in even the toughest conditions.

Trinidad® PRO
Building on the proven technology of the renowned Trinidad product line, Trinidad PRO is the longest lasting, strongest antifouling paint available. With a high copper, hard finish formula that is incredibly durable, Trinidad PRO’s protective coating has excellent adhesion and withstands the toughest use. When left in the water, this bottom paint will provide years of dependable service.

For certain yachts the color of the bottom paint is just as important as the protection it provides. Vivid® is available in the brightest colors on the market, while still providing excellent multi-season protection. Incorporating a hybrid technology, Vivid’s hard, smooth surface withstands trailering, yet is easily burnished to a high performance finish. Resistant to build-up, this finish can be hauled and relaunched without repainting and is safe for use on primed aluminum.

Hydrocoat® ECO
For the most ecologically friendly option in bottom paint, the award-winning Hydrocoat® ECO is a self-polishing, water-based, metal-free ablative containing the organic EconeaTM biocide. EconeaTM breaks down quickly in the environment and it is completely biodegradable. Hydrocoat Eco is compatible with almost all existing bottom paints and is safe for use on all substrates including steel and aluminum. Cleanup can be accomplished easily with soap and water.

Pettit Protect®
In addition to the new line of paints, Pettit is pleased to offer Pettit Protect®, a heavy duty, two component, epoxy coating for use where maximum resistance to fresh or salt water is required. Reducing water absorption and making it an excellent choice for osmotic blister prevention, Pettit Protect has a high-solids formula, which allows for a quicker and easier application with fewer coats necessary for effective protection. Pettit Protect also offers dependable corrosion protection on all underwater metals.

“Pettit Paint has a long history of producing the highest quality marine coatings,” said Don Zabransky, vice president sales & marketing, Pettit Marine Paint. “By offering the high performance of Ultra SR 60, the bright colors of Vivid, the exceptional durability of Trinidad Pro, and the low impact of Hydrocoat ECO to the superyacht market, we are giving a whole new class of yacht owner the benefits of our experience. Just because someone can afford a multimillion dollar vessel, does not mean they can afford to go without the best protection available on the market.”

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