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Swain’s Cay Lodge is wide open for fly/fishing, eco-tourists and birdwatching business

This beautiful and quaint Fly Fishing lodge is wide open for fly/fishing, eco-tourists and birdwatching business.


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Come and celebrate with the lodge their Ten (10) Year Anniversary of doing it right. Some major distributors deem them the “Best fly fishing Lodge in The Bahamas”.
The very talented in personality and skills, fourth-generation Guides dedicated to the lodge all have boats in good condition. Their Guests appreciate the very friendly staff, clean and comfortable air-conditioned rooms and their daily program is seamless.
Delicious Bahamian foods prepared by Chef Pam and Chef Major contribute to a high retention rate with customers returning year after year.
The Lodge sits on a beautiful 3.6 acres spot on the flats on a nice beach with gin clear water. This proximity on the eastern shore of Andros island is less than a mile from the tongue of the ocean and the world’s third-largest barrier reef between the two best bights in Andros…..The Middle Bight and The South Bight.
The origin of the lodge surrounds a dream come true for a little Bahamian girl, the product of her hard-working service-driven parents who worked in a hotel.  So her dream was to build a hotel on the beach and contribute to Bahamian Tourism.
Although she had a sterling career of 30 plus years in private banking in Nassau, she fell in love when visiting Andros 20 years ago and decided to make her dream to own a hotel by the beach come true.  A true story that hard work pays!!!!!!
The Lodge is a member of the Bahamas Out Islands Promotion Board and can offer Two Fly Free Tickets From Nassau to Mangrove Cay, Andros, Credits for Fuel for Pilots and Boats and many more offers during eligible periods yearly. See their website: or email them at Telephone 242-422-5018 / 242-369-0296