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Sweet Fish

Big time cold for a early winter push. Will it last, lets hope not! I can make this report short and sweet. Not because it is bad, but because with the cold weather will make the boat ride to catch fish short and the fish you catch will be sweet. Best bet this week will be to head up the Homosassa River or into Kings Bay in Crystal River for some mangrove snapper, redfish, snook, lady fish and jack crevalle. Cold Gulf water will send a good number of game fish looking for the warmth of the spring feed waters that are a constant 72 degrees. Those fish that do not make it all the way to the top of the rivers will be dispersed though out the deeper bends and channel edges of the Homosassa ,Crystal Rivers and the many other creeks between. By this weekend with warmer conditions expect trout to be around the mouth’s of the rivers and redfish just inside the outside keys on the high tide. A good bait for trout is the D.O.A. Deadly combo with the glow shrimp. One of my go to baits for this time of year is the MirrOlure MirrOdine for both trout and redfish. Up river live shrimp will get the mangrove snapper. This weekend incoming tide will be midday.


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