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Swell Industries is Pumped to Announce the Launch of STASH COOLERS

Honolulu, HI- Swell Industries is pumped to announce the launch of STASH COOLERS: the original rigid inflatable cooler. With their ability to quickly unfold and inflate into a large, rigid cooler, STASH Coolers combine the benefits of hard and soft coolers into one, offering large capacity storage at a fraction of the weight and storage requirements of hard-walled coolers.


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Inspiration for this innovation came from the founders’ personal experiences with inflatable SUPs and rafts. Avid watermen, they quickly realized that same drop-stitch technology that brought inflatable watercraft to life could be applied to coolers, and would offer anglers, boaters, and families the capacity, durability, and thermal benefits of hard coolers, with the portability, weight-saving, and collapsibility benefits of soft coolers.

After two years of R&D, over 100 prototypes, 17 patents, and nine trademarks, STASH coolers will hit the market this month.

STASH Coolers are broken into two collections: The C-Series is rectangular in shape, and offers four models ranging in size from 75 to 175 quarts. While the A-Series, designed for both recreational and commercial use and slightly A-shaped, is available in 225, 300, 450, and 600 quarts. A single air valve allows for inflation of the three inflatable chambers at once, while dual soft sides allow the cooler to easily compress when not in use, and expand beyond capacity when filled. A high-volume pump is included with the coolers for quick inflation/deflation.

Additional features include:
Heavy-duty, reinforced feet double as tie down points Multiple carrying handles with reinforced, padded webbing Stainless steel D-rings for attaching accessories or as tie downs Mesh pockets with Velcro® closure on front and back for storing gear
Large, threaded and screened drain plugs (singular on C-Series, two on opposite corners for A-series)
YKK zippers

Prices for Stash coolers range from $499 to $999, and can be purchased on For more information, please contact

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