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Taco Introduces New Carbon Fiber Outrigger Poles

Taco Marine’s Carbon Fiber Outrigger Poles were built to meet the demands of the new fishing techniques used today by highly skilled captains and anglers who need to get the most out of their high performance boats on the market.


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We have added length to our new Carbon Fiber series outrigger poles. We started at 16FT. in our smallest size offered and went up to 20ft. in our largest size offered to date. This comes at the request of our customers and listening to what they wanted to see from Taco.

Our Carbon Fiber Poles are by far much stronger than our aluminum poles. Our cylindrical design has the strength built into it to allow for today’s modern fishing techniques of pulling dredges of ballyhoo, mullet or squids through the water at higher speeds that would not be possible with aluminum poles as they are not built as stiff or as strong.

Our “Patent Pending” swivel roller design will allow for teasers, baits or lures to be trolled through the water in a more forgiving manner as the swivel mechanism naturally swings in the direction of the line always allowing for a more natural swimming action which in turn can result in hooking up more fish.

Our 16ft. Carbon Fiber Poles come equipped with double rollers for dual line rigging and our 20ft. poles come built with triple rollers to maximize your spread presentation which increases your odds for hook ups on Dolphin, Wahoo, Sailfish and Marlin making it the best outrigger pole on the market today.