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Taco Metals Introduces New Docking Accessory Product

Miami, FL – Taco Metals, the parent company of Taco Marine, headquartered in Miami, Florida Recently introduced a new docking accessory product at the Miami International Boat Show. Their new innovative Transom Cross Tie device will help keep dock lines at an elevated position with additional built in features.


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Most large center console boats with multiple outboards are forced to resort to using incorrect products or ineffective dock lines position when backed into a dock space. Cross tie of a boat backed into a dock is necessary and is a preferred method of keeping the boat from making contact with the dock when backed in. Backing into a slip makes loading gear and leaving the dock in a quick manner easier. Boat owners need an ability to cross tie their boats at stern and yet not damage or bind up lines on the motor cowling. With the Transom Cross Tie, Taco Marine has designed the most appropriate solution to this need.

The Transom Cross Tie also has several built in features and fits into most standard gunnel rod holders with 1-5/8” diameter. The unique patent pending lock mechanism within the butt section holds the Transom Cross Tie in place during tide or wave action. Simply insert the Transom Cross Tie into the gunnel rod holder and a quarter turn allows the durable spring loaded mechanism to firmly clasp the pins located inside the rod holder yet still can be easily removed with slight downward pressure and an opposing turn.

Other unique features of the Transom Cross Tie include a 9” S shaped cleat which can accommodate up to ¾” dock line, a round loop under the cleat to hang a docking fender or a wash down spray hose nozzle. Currently no other product exists with such versatility and application to prevent chaffing motor cowlings.

This new product will soon be available for consumer to purchase from a wide variety of marine stores.

For further information on the new Taco Transom Cross Tie, please visit or or call 1-800-653-8568.

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