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Tampa Bay Redfish

Tampa Bay/Orlando Redfish Fishing Report

One of the best times to fish is during an approaching front, last Saturday was no different. Florida’s first cold front of the year was forecast to come through during our fishing trip. I knew that if the wind and rain wasn’t too bad that we may be in for a banner day. We decided to work some mullet schools on a flat adjacent to the intercostal. Almost immediately we started catching rat reds up to 22″. We added a few small trout and a couple jacks. We decide to move down the flat a little and search for bigger fish, our next few catches were actually smaller fish around 16″.


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Nice Refish! Photo: Michael Murray

We decided to move up the flat again and this time we find some really nice redfish up to 30″, we end up landing over 25 redfish in this spot over the next few hours. We call it a day as the wind really starts whipping, sore arms and big smiles!

Get out there and enjoy this time of year!

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Captain Michael S. Murray