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Tarpon Fly Fishing Report (May 20-26)

May 20-23: Bob Pill, his brother Dick, and friend Jerry, from NJ, fly fished for Tarpon with me, in “Tarpon World” for a total of 16 hours. During this time these fly anglers jumped and fought a total of 34 big Tarpon, while catching and releasing, a total of 15. Now there are a few people who claim to catch more tarpon on fly than these anglers, during this time period. However every one of these fish was caught on my TFO 12 weight fly rods, using Mako fly reels, with Rio Floating fly lines, but the hard part is that each fish was caught by using IGFA 20 pound class tippet with an 11 inch bite tippet, which means each fish was caught within the rules of fly fishing.


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I have no problem with people who use 40 or 50 pound test line tied straight to the fly, or people who use a power winch and steel wire to land tarpon, if it makes them happy. In my opinion they are fishing, having fun, and catching fish, but they are not competing with those of us who never go outside of the rules.

May 24-25: My old client from the 1980’s, Bill Mosier, fly fished for 2 hours each night, while being chased off of the water by lightning on May 24. We jumped 7 tarpon and landed two with one of them being over 100 pounds. Lots of fun!

Fished with my neighbor tonight, we jumped 7, and landed 5 on the fly in Tarpon World, during our 3 hours of fly fishing. Then fished during the day for an hour or two on May 27, with my old friend Kelly Zubec. We saw several hundred fish swim past on the flats, got no bites. The Worms are done now, should do good this evening. I love my Job!


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