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Tarpon World Report (May 20-21)

Greetings from the Florida Keys: This being my fifty fourth year of fly fishing for tarpon in the middle and lower Florida Keys, I can tell you that I do not miss poling my flats boat, between the middle of May until after Memorial Day weekend. That said I also don’t miss the fishing around the Seven Mile and Bahia Honda bridges along with on the “Worm Bar,” between dawn and dark, during this time period. Thousands of boaters, jet skiers, and anglers, descend on our awesome Keys during this time period where they try to capitalize on the fabled “Palolo Worm Hatch”. Many have no Idea of boating safety, ethics, common courtesy, or even the dangers of drinking and boating. The heavy traffic, boat ramp disasters, crazy jet sky people, drunks, and non courteous anglers, really make the hard job of the awesome people who do this job everyday very unpleasant.


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Sorry for the rant, however I am glad to say that after watching hundreds of folks looking for “Worms” and not finding any, and casting to lots of tarpon with worm flies and not getting any to eat, they may begin to see some worms and tarpon eating the worms, tonight or tomorrow night. In my case, my clients Dick and Jerry, a couple of old fly anglers from NJ have: Hooked, fought, and Jumped, twenty eight big Tarpon, of which they caught and released 11 of them on 20 pound IGFA class tippet, all during the last 12 hours of fly fishing for tarpon. All of this happened with no one else around, in “Tarpon World”! Tarpon season is officially here, for the next 15 days, (in my case), wish you were here, I love my job!!! Just Saying, (Grin). I am out of here on June 5, and arrive in Los Suenos, Costa Rica, to begin my Blue Marlin Fly Fishing Schools, on June 11. Only one School opening still available!



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