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Tarpon World Final Report (May 17-19)

Greetings from the fabulous Florida Keys: What a difference a day makes! The water temperature reached 85 degrees on May 17, my old friends Bill and David Anderson with Cal Acord, from California are here for their annual fly fishing for tarpon vacation for a couple of days.


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Photo: Cal Acord

May 17: The fish showed up and we got lots of bites between 10:30 at night and 2:30 in the morning. Each angler jumped and fought at least two big tarpon, and the final score was 8 Tarpon jumped with two caught, photographed, and released. Lots of fun hanging with my old friends on a beautiful night.

May 18: At 11:00 PM when we were ready to head out into Tarpon world for another awesome adventure, a massive low pressure moved in from Cuba, rain, hail, lightning, and 50 knot wind, which lasted for about 10 hours. Of course I didn’t allow the crew to go out in that nasty stuff, so we watched the Warriors kick butt and got a good nights sleep.

May 19: Bill, David, and Cal, arrived at “Fly Reel” for our last night of fly fishing in Tarpon World at Midnight. Beautiful moon lit night with 84 degree water and 10 knot east wind. I had all six of my TFO TiCr-X 12 weight rods rigged with Rio Floating Tarpon Taper fly lines, on my Mako #9550 and 9600 fly reels, with 20 pound mason hard class tippet, and my “Poon Bug” flies.

My anglers got dozens of bites, they hooked, jumped, and fought, twelve giant tarpon (up to 140 pounds) during our four hours of fly fishing. In the end we leadered 3 for the release with each of my team catching a 100+ pound tarpon. During their two nights, (8 hours), of fly fishing, These guys jumped and fought 20 big tarpon and caught a total of five Silver King. Tarpon Season Has Arrived!!!! I love my job, wish you were here, More reports to follow, only 14 more world class nights of fly fishing here in my 2016 tarpon season.



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