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Tarpon World Fishing Report (May 7-17)

Greetings from The Fabulous Florida Keys: Well, after Chuck Furimsky caught his 100 pound tarpon on fly on May 6, with the water temperature in the low 70’s, the water got dirty and cold, with very cool North wind for the next week, I did fish with Dennis Jeter and his friend Doug from Tennessee, aboard “Fly Reel” on May 7 and 8, with horrible results. The wind was either dead calm or cold from the north, (the fish left Tarpon World, we only jumped 3 fish in two nights of fishing.


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I decided to take a break and had to take care of some personal business during the next several days, and got a cancellation on May 12 and 13, so I decided on a Vacation while I waited for my Tarpon to return. So far this season the numbers of fish in these Florida Keys have been off by at least 50 percent. That said, as soon as the water temperature gets back up into the mid eighty degree range, they will come back in from the deep water and we will have a late Tarpon season.

This Vacation stuff is pretty cool, it has been a long time since I have taken time off to enjoy being in the Florida Keys during Tarpon Season. Toby and Sue Uppinghouse, our TFO sales rep from California came down to the Keys for a week to celibate their tenth anniversary, we got to spend some time with them and show them around.

TFO’s ambassador, fellow advisory board member, and good friend, came down to Tarpon World for a few days of enjoying Tarpon World. We fished the ocean flats near “Happy Valley” saw several hundred tarpon swim right up to Fly Reel, do a daisy chain, and swim all around Wanda’s perfectly placed fly. Wanda and I fished the flats with Captain Bob Jones out of Islamorada, lots of shots at cruising fish along with laid up, back country tarpon, all had lock jaw.

We fished several short trips out near Silver King bank, just west of Pelican slew, in Tarpon world. Wanda jumped a few Poons, and leadered a 100 pound fish on May 15. Then the east wind came back, water temperature back up into the low eighties, the poons started to move back into the zone. Wanda (Team TFO) Hair Taylor, Jumped 4 tarpon, and caught a nice fish in the 100+ pound range, while Toby was the jinxed rod with only one bite.

Back off of vacation last night, fished old friends Bill Anderson, David Anderson, and Cal Acord, from southern California. Bill and I have been friends for over 30 years, David has been fishing with me since he was 6 years old, really good old friends. The Poon’s are back, season is now hot, Cal, David and Bill each jumped and fought at least two or more tarpon on fly.

Looks like my tarpon are back, My team of Bill, Cal, and David, jumped and fought 8 tarpon on fly using 20 pound class tippet, we managed to get two of them to the boat for video and pictures, while bill had a really big fish on, which surged at the last minute and broke the class tippet.

I have 18 more trips here in Tarpon World, looks like the good fishing will be late this year for the first time in 9 years. Had a great vacation but really happy to be back doing what I do best, chasing big fish that jump, on very light line.

On June 5, I will be heading home to North Carolina, towing “Fly Reel”, saying good by to “Tarpon World” until late March of 2017 when I will be back here catching these magic Silver King on fly.

On June 11, I will leave home again and head to Los Suenos to my condo, where on June 13, I begin spending time with clients, catching large Blue Marlin on fly. This season my “Costa Rica Blue Marlin Fly Fishing Schools” will run from June 13 through August 23, There is only one set of dates still available where every client catches at least one Blue Marlin of fly while using IGFA 20 pound class tippet. Give me a call if you think that you are good enough to do this awesome fishery!

Sorry about not keeping up with these reports, just real busy enjoying this job which I really love. Stay Tuned for more reports coming soon. Thanks to TFO, Mako Reels, Rio Fly Lines, Gamakatsu Hooks, Casa Vieja Lodge, Dragin Fly charters CR, and all of my clients, friends, family, and especially you for allowing me to pursue my passion!



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