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Tarpon World Report for
Tarpon Night Fishing (April 19-22)

April 19: Mike and Mark Turner went Tarpon Night Fishing in Tarpon world with me aboard “Fly Reel” tonight. Wind was east at 15 with good fishing conditions, we hooked, jumped, and fought a total of 7 big tarpon, each angler caught and released at least one fish over 110 pounds. These guys enjoyed their four nights here, during their 16 hours of Tarpon Night Fishing, they hooked and jumped 24 big tarpon, and released a total of 8 fish between 80 and 125 pounds, this was their first time Tarpon Night Fishing.


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April 20: Glen Palumbo and Brad Ghant went Tarpon Night Fishing aboard “Fly Reel” tonight between midnight and four AM, we had 87 degree water temperature with 18 knot east wind. Tarpon Night Fishing was good with a total of 9 tarpon jumped and two brought to boat side and released. Nice night at the office!

April 21: Switched anglers tonight, Steve Henderson and Glen Palumbo fished for tarpon, on fly, aboard my vessel, Fly Reel. Southeast wind at 15-20, made Tarpon night fishing fun, not much bait however there were some big fish around. When it was over at 5:00 AM we had jumped five silver king, and caught just one Tarpon on fly.

April 22: Tonight we had good Tarpon night fishing with Taylor Stephens and Brad Ghent, South wind at 3 knots, swinging to West at 10 knots, 77 degree water temperature, full moon, and a pretty good shrimp hatch for several hours. At 5:30 when we got into the marina, my anglers had hooked, jumped, an fought sever really big tarpon, however we never got any of them to the boat for that magical release. Tomorrow night will be better, I love my job. Wish you were here, more reports from Tarpon World to follow:)



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