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Inshore Flats Fishing Slam Now

Tarpon Springs, New Port Richey, Clearwater, fishing guide service Absolute Florida Flats Fishing is reporting great success on the inshore flats and the near shore flats, the Snook, Redfish, spotted Sea Trout are in migration mode, traveling and following the massive schools of the new returning bait (pilchard)  school’s. All species have the feed bag on these little easy to dine on acre size (in some cases) bait pods, they just go crashing through them with there mouths open, this yearly ritual goes on till they thin out and go south for the winter ,around December.  The pilchards are full of protein and the fish know this will help them get through a lean and cool winter if need be. October is my favorite month of the year due to this phenomena, all on light spinning gear spooled with 8-10 lb. Berkley braid, this allows you to stay off the pod’s of fish with long casts!

Tarpon Springs Fishign Report Bull Redfish Fishing in Florida

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Photo: Capt. Rich Knox

October is also the month the breeder size redfish invade the shallow flats from offshore to spawn, these big bruisers with 4x wheel drive, after inhaling a bait they leave a trail of boils as they make that light tackle stuff sing, fish can be from 27″ 9lb. to 40″ 20lb.  This is also the time the Gator Trout (big trout)  return to the skinny water also chasing the influx of bait and cooler water of fall.  Tight Lines, Let’s Go Fishing!

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