What A Tease!


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The Bait Shower Teaser

You’re probably well aware that Eye Catcher produces deadly effective dolphin and wahoo lures, but you may not know about their teasers. The Bait Shower Teaser looks so enticing that the first time you put it in the water you won’t believe your eyes. Each small Zinger jumps and skips across the surface and perfectly imitates a fleeing school of baitfish. Tuna, dolphin and billfish love this teaser and it’s the perfect option for your summertime spread. The last Zinger is outfitted with a 200lb. swivel so you can add the lure of your choice. Available in blue/silver or green/chartreuse, the Bait Shower Teaser is the perfect addition to any angler’s tackle bag. Eye Catcher Lures, 252.482.3073,