Terminal Tackle Seminar

Join Capt. Mike for the Terminal Tackle seminar where he focuses on the most important tools in fishing. This seminar will cover and in-depth conversation on lines, swivels, hooks and sinkers. Get rigged and ready for inshore and offshore, rig right from the start and catch more.

Let’s talk Line and Leader
– What are your options
– Pros and Cons of each selection, what to look for
– Let’s dig into Mono
– Braid options
– Fluoro market options
– Wind-Ons options
– Understanding each class and breaking strength

Swivel Selection with Real Ratings
– Three-way, snaps and specialty swivels explained
– Ball-bearing vs. standard barrel

Choosing the Right Hook
– An in-depth look at sizes, styles and shapes
– We will explore pre-tied rigs vs. your own rigs

Sinker Selection
– When and where to use which shape
– When and where to use which size

And so much more!

The Terminal Tackle Seminar was hosted at the Chaos Fishing store in Pompano Beach Florida. Chaos Tackle Shop is located at 4301 North Federal Highway, Pompano Beach, Florida. To watch other seminars, click here or subscribe to our Youtube channel. This seminar was presented by Captain Mike Genoun, Florida Sport Fishing magazine editor & Florida Sport Fishing TV host with guest speakers.