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The Debut of the Big Kahuna Beach & Fishing Wagon

Kahuna Wagons (by Alumacart, Inc.) is pleased to announce the debut of the Big Kahuna Beach & Fishing Wagon.  For over 25 years, Alumacart has pioneered the industry of aluminum cart, wagon and material handling manufacturing.  This year, Alumacart’s Kahuna Wagons will continue to lead the way with the release of the Big Kahuna Beach & Fishing Wagon. 


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The Big Kahuna is in a class all of its own.  Its commercial grade aluminum fabrication and stainless steel hardware allow the Big Kahuna to roll its way through the most demanding of marine environments without the worry of rust or corrosion.  This design also provides a lightweight yet incredibly strong wagon which glides through the sand with ease, fully loaded, on its four 11.8” balloon sand tires.

According to Alumacart President, Jennifer Knoebel, “We are tremendously excited to introduce the Big Kahuna this year.  Our goal was to provide our customers with the most high quality and versatile aluminum wagon that makes going to the beach fun and effortless again.  We’ve taken inspiration from our best selling commercial pull wagons and added all the features necessary to create the World’s best beach and fishing wagon.” 

The Big Kahuna boasts a whopping 27” x 45” solid aluminum deck allowing you to haul all your beach and fishing gear as well as large heavy coolers from the car and through the sand in a single trip. It features four aluminum rod holders that can also be used for beach umbrellas. Another added feature is the removable aluminum walls.  The aluminum walls secure your load in the wagon and can be independently removed as needed for loading or unloading heavy items.

Product Features:

    • Rust-free, lightweight aluminum fabrication with stainless steel hardware
    • Solid aluminum deck for hauling heavy loads
    • Removable aluminum walls
    • Four rod holders, umbrella holders
    • Ergonomic handle for easy maneuverability
    • Four 11.8” balloon sand tires glide through soft sand
    • 65 lbs. with a 350 lb. load capacity
    • MADE IN THE USA!!!

Alumacart continues to raise the bar in terms of construction methods, quality and versatility. They have answered the call of their customer base with the release of the Big Kahuna Beach & Fishing Wagon.

Located in Hobe Sound, FL,  Alumacart, Inc. is a highly regarded fabricator of aluminum carts and material handling devices. 1,000’s of carts and wagons have been manufactured at their facility in South Florida for a variety of commercial and industrial applications. Alumacart has distributors throughout the United States.  For further information visit Alumacart at or or contact Jennifer Knoebel at