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The DockyDock, The Floating Cover that Protects the Hull of the Boat from Marine Growth.


The DockyDock is a floating cover that protects the hull of the boat from marine growth. The Boat sails through the DockyDock, the DockyDock completely encapsulates the boat protecting it from barnacles, blocking any drifts of water bringing food and nutrients disallowing growth. Although the option is there to drain the water out for dry mooring, it is not necessary to stop marine growth building upon the bottom of the hull.


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All boat owners have the problem of barnacles and small sea creatures sticking to the bottom of the boat. Many boat owners use Anti-foul paints which are extremely bad for the environment, they kill the aqua life and damage the eco system. Mooring a boat in a DockyDock cancels out the need to clean the boat every year and apply the toxic paint, resulting in fewer chemicals released into the water.

Using a DockyDock cover cancels out the extra expenses of re-applying the paint every year. The DockyDock hull cover has gone through various types of testing and has gone through 4 years of prototyping. The DockyDock uses foam inserts to keep the cover afloat, which makes it impossible to sink. The cover itself is made from a very durable – hardwearing PVC marine developed product. Copper chemicals and various Anti-foul paints are banned in many countries; hull covers are one of the only ‘Green product’ solutions open to the current market.