The Most Innovative Fishing Tools and Accessories for Catch Management

Fishing tools and accessories technology has improved rapidly in the last few years. After a line peeling battle, having the right tool to finish the job is as essential as the reel and rod bringing your catch into the boat. And add the additional layer of catch and release; products are now being purpose-built for the exact type of fishing every angler is doing. With the high fuel, bait, and gear costs, it’s never been more critical that a fisherman makes every cast and fight count.

innovative fishing tools

The most recent discovery of lighter, more durable, and new emerging materials is now being used in gear we see in products from the top fishing brands. Digital technology has also started integrating into our tools, making anglers more fishing intelligent.

Imagining the future of fishing might just look like a George Orwell novel of today, and we are just starting to see the tip of the iceberg. This year was just the beginning of the innovation we are set to see in the next few years.


Outdoorsmen have generally been the leaders and stewards of nature and the ocean. With climate change and populations quickly growing these last 10 years, there has been a shift in the attitude of almost every angler. It’s never been more critical to be conservation-minded to ensure recreational fishing is sustainable for future generations. These days catch and release are commonly practiced by fishermen, and tools purpose-built to ensure the successful release of fish are becoming more available.

Frabill WITNESS 30 lb Weigh Net
Frabill WITNESS 30 lb Weigh Net

Conservation products are trending with team Frabill. They recently launched a series of transformative fishing nets that address proper fish care for catch and release and other innovative features fishermen will appreciate. The Frabill conservation net series features their proprietary MeshGuard technology, perfectly designed to do minimal damage to a fish found in the hoop, including a flat bottom knotless dipped micro-mesh and a mesh guard hoop design. The Frabill WITNESS 30 lb Weigh Net stands out amongst others with its ability to net, weigh, and measure a fish without touching it. With a simple scoop of any fish and a quick switch on the scale, anglers can weigh any fish netted up to 30 lbs.

Ugly Stik Ugly Tools Digital Lip Grip.
Ugly Stik Ugly Tools Digital Lip Grip

Lip grips are an essential product for fish handling, and now we are seeing grips featuring digital technology. Most notably, the Ugly Stik Ugly Tools Digital Lip Grip. Ugly Stik knows how to make rugged fishing gear, and this lip grip is on par. It features a nonslip 360-degree handle that gives you control in wet and slimy environments, and stainless steel frames ensure extra strength and durability for the big ones. With a built-in digital scale, this product provides minimal handling and time out of the water.


Let’s be honest; we don’t always fish and release it back into the wild. A sustainably caught fish makes an excellent meal for the family. Aftco launched a product that harnesses the Japanese process of Ikejime, a method of killing a fish while maintaining maximum fillet quality. Ikejime starts by spiking the fish’s brain, draining the fish’s blood, and paralyzing the fish by destroying the spinal cord (shinkei jime), elevating the quality further. The Japanese have set the standard for fish quality, and now every fisherman can purchase the AFTCO Circuit Breaker Ike Jime, which is scientifically proven to improve harvested fish’s smell, texture, and flavor.

AFTCO Circuit Breaker Ike Jime

Smith’s Sea Hunter 9”
Smith’s Sea Hunter 9”

At the end of a long day on the water, the most fulfilling part of a fisherman’s day is the ability to prepare and share her/his catch. The Smith’s Sea Hunter 9” curved fillet knife features a razor-sharp corrosion-resistant coated knife with 3Cr13 stainless steel, which will last an angler a long time. Its innovative design includes an ergonomic handle with a retention ring that provides the perfect grip when filleting large catches. A perfectly filleted fish offers the ideal presentation when wowing your friends and family.

Brands will continue producing new fishing gear, but the bar is now set for products that offer innovation and solutions that address the needs of a modern angler. For more information about these products, visit: