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The Sanibel, by Redfin Polarized Sunglasses, is Built Specifically for Big Guys on Big Water

MADISON, GA  – Quality sunglasses often set themselves apart through performance and fit. Yet, most manufacturers design their frames for a one-size-fits-all approach. Redfin Sunglasses ensure that all anglers can find a pair of sunglasses that perform and fit well. The new Sanibel model is designed specifically for the guys with a larger build.

Gone are the days of wearing uncomfortable, small-frame glasses. Frames that are too tight can create headaches and distract from enjoyment on the water. The Sanibel by Redfin features an Italian sport frame specifically designed and built to fit larger faces. The frames are housed with heavy-duty, two-way stainless-steel hinges. These tough hinges provide long-lasting strength and durability at the critical point of the frame while maintaining superior comfort. The no-slip, Megol rubber nose pieces are comfortable, as are the under-the-cap ear stems. All of this is part of an overall design for large heads that is unmatched.

Lenses in the Sanibel and other Redfin models are manufactured by Carl Zeiss Vision. The clearest nylon lenses on the planet help eliminate glare so people can relax while enjoying their favorite on-the-water activity. The lenses are built with a special coating that repels water, fog, sweat and oil, while an anti-scratch protectant helps resist abrasion. They are fully polarized to filter out harmful ultraviolet rays and provide better visibility into waterways.

Sanibel lenses are available in MBlack-Coastal Blue, Gulf Blue and Shallow Mirror with Hull Red, Tortoise Shell Mirror and Dark Shad Mirror coming soon. Each pair of sunglasses comes with a zipper case, microfiber pouch, Redfin decal and Zeiss wipes.


Sanibel Features

  • Zeiss Lenses
  • 100% Italian Frame
  • Anti Scratch
  • Anti Fog
  • UV Armor
  • Tech Coating
  • Lightweight Design
  • MSRP: $229.00


About Redfin

Utilizing state-of-the-art production methods and innovative lens technology. Redfin Polarized specialists meticulously forge marine-grade Swiss polymers into all of our hand-built frames at our factory in Northern Italy. Artisans handcraft our frames to provide you with the optimal style, function, and fashion for a durable product that will last a lifetime. Next, our frames are paired with the clearest precision lenses manufactured by Carl ZeissVision. Discover all the Redfin models and lens options at