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The SEABORG 500 MJ from Daiwa

Daiwa is pleased to introduce you to one of the smallest, most compact, fast and powerful electric reels on the market today, the SEABORG 500 MJ.


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Designed for grouper and snapper fishing, deep drop or deep jigging or even as a kite flier, the Seaborg is a state-of-the-art electric reel that can be held in the hand. The compact size makes it versatile in a variety of potential fishing roles. The Jog Power Lever allows adjustable speed control by thumb a very convenient operational feature. The heart of the reel is the more powerful, faster Megatwin Motor. The new design is more compact and highly heat resistant. The Magsealed Ball Bearings prevent water and dirt intrusion insuring years of trouble-free use. A unique Oversize Level Wind Guide allows compact swivels to pass. The reel conveniently operates on readily available 12-Volt DC Power. An English Version LCD makes understanding reel functions much clearer. A powerful drag system with 51-pounds of pressure will stop bigger fish in their tracks. This reel will quickly become a workhorse aboard your boat. If you are searching for an electric reel that is compact, sleek in appearance and powerful compared to other level-wind electric reels, than take a look at the new Seaborg 500 MJ, one of the finest reels in its class.

  • Jog Power Lever

  • Powerful MEGATWIN Motor

  • Magsealed Ball Bearing

  • Oversize Level Wind Guide

  • English Version LCD

  • Convenient 12-Volt DC Powered

  • MAX Winding power = 10/13kg

  • Momentary winding power = 45.4kg

  • No-load winding speed = 210/140m/min

  • Rated current value = 6.5/5A

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